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Artist genre:
Adult Contemporary
Record label:
DyNaMik Records Ltd
Member since:
Band Members:
Touring lineup - Mike Puskas, Steven Harris, Loughlin Harrick, Mary Jennings, David Garland,Recording Line Up - Mike Puskas, Steven Harris, Georgia Harris, Julian Reid, Kata Ruszic, Loughlin Harrick,

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Bio: Transference is a new modern day Psychedelic incarnation that features a core musical unit and guest vocalists from all around the world. To put it simply Transference takes a musical fusion of Pink Floyd meets Tangerine Dream approach to the song writing and production style and delivers it with the pomp and ceremony of a Rick Wakeman theatrical spectacular delighting the audience with a journey into the unknown no two performances are the same so the level of unpredictability of the players and their collective presentation of the music to the audience is always a welcome surprise.

Like transcendental meditation, the music performed is a transition between two worlds. Simply broken down, "Our Reality" and the "Alternate Reality" that we all visit in our nightly dream state. Dare to dream, dare to cast off the shackles of normality, these are some of the premises visited during a Transference performance . As Aldus Huxley so aptly put it, unadulterated awareness opens the doors to perception and creates points of inception where the listener’s senses are heightened and brought to a complete climax as the paradox is brought into play and the conclusion delivered. Including bubble machines, strobe lighting and back projection all designed to bring an exciting & enlivening experience to our fans & delight the senses, "Transference" creates the total visual experience. Coupled with our latest 3D animated video projection produced by Ben Wheatley, the band intends to raise performance art to a whole new level.

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